Benefits Of Apple Cider Vinegar: Foot Soak, Hair Wash, Toner... And Mouthwash? (VIDEO)

Can Apple Cider Vinegar Really Replace Your Mouthwash?

We've heard apple cider vinegar touted as the miracle product for basically everything, from reducing psoriasis inflammation to making dull hair shiny. But we can't help but be skeptical about a single product with so many supposed uses -- so we had Caitlyn and Caroline from HuffPost Live test a few of them out.

The brave ladies put the tangy liquid to the test in four ways:

Mouth wash: The taste was terrible, apparent by Caroline's squealing.

Hair rinse: Caitlyn said it burned her scalp... but "I thought my hair looked very, very shiny afterwards."

Toner: According to Caitlyn, "It felt like it was stinging... in a good way."

Foot soak: Caitlyn found it comfortable enough... but her dog wouldn't come near her due to the strong stench.

So did suffering through these four treatments really bring results? Watch the video above or catch the segment on HuffPost Live.

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