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Taste Test: The Best Mint Chocolate Ice Cream

Whether you call it mint chocolate chip, mint chip or peppermint bon bon, this ice cream flavor has some truly loyal fans.

According to the International Dairy Foods Association, mint chocolate chip is one of the 10 most popular ice cream flavors -- and it's easy to see why. It's got everything you could want in a frozen treat: sweet, chocolatey indulgence balanced by the bright flavor of mint. And while we could go on for ages touting the genius qualities of this ice cream flavor, what we really want to know is which brand makes it best. It's clear that no two are created equal. Some of them come in a neon shade of green while others are white -- some barely contain any chips, while others double-down on the chocolate.

Our panel of editors blind-tested 10 different brands of mint chocolate ice cream to determine which brand makes it best. We tried it all -- green, white, double chip, chocolate cookie -- you name it. Click through the slideshow below to find out which mint chocolate ice cream you should be picking up at your next visit to the grocery store (and which to steer clear of).

How did your favorite mint chocolate ice cream rank? Leave a comment below.

As always, our taste tests are in no way influenced by or sponsored by the brands included.

#1 Ben And Jerry's Mint Chocolate Cookie (Highly Recommended)
Damon Dahlen/AOL
"Soft cookies, but a slightly tingly, tooth-pastey feel." "Great mint flavor, LOVE the cakey bits." "This is delicious! But not quite minty enough." "Is that a mint cookie? Delicious." "Cookie overpowers ice cream, less mint and miss the 'chips.'"
#2 Häagen-Dazs Mint Chip (Highly Recommended)
Damon Dahlen/AOL
"Great mint flavor enhanced by great dark chocolate." "Wow! This is amazing." "Very minty! Creamy, best chocolate chips!" "Too icy." "Minty!"
#3 Edy's Rich & Creamy Grand Mint Chocolate Chip (Recommended)
Damon Dahlen/AOL
"Yum! Has just the right amount of overpowering mint flavor." "Rich chocolate." "I like the mint in this." "Chocolate chips are large but fake and waxy, but the ice cream is good even though not as creamy as others." "Very sweet."
#4 SoCo Creamery Mint Chip (Recommended)
Damon Dahlen/AOL
"Very, very fresh." "Lightly minty and perfectly creamy." "Too light in texture and flavor." "Good chocolate." "Strong mint taste, great chips but a bit small. Creamy!"
#5 Breyers Mint Chocolate Chip (Recommended)
Damon Dahlen/AOL
"Just perfect -- lightly minty." "Weak peppermint flavor." "Too light, weird flavor." "Great chocolate." "Is this Breyers? It's airy and creamy."
#6 Turkey Hill Mint Choco Chip (Mildly Recommended)
Damon Dahlen/AOL
"Yum. Creamy and mild." "Mint is too biting." "Artificial mint, but delicious." "Average!" "Tastes like fluoride, but in a good way."
#7 Talenti (Mildly Recommended)
Damon Dahlen/AOL
"Fresh flavor blast, and so creamy." "Tastes like actual mint found in nature." "Tastes a little like medicine." Taste like real mint leaves? Odd flavor compared to others." "Tastes like tea."
#8 Three Twins Mint Confetti (Not Recommended)
Damon Dahlen/AOL
"Too icy, coconutty!" "Too icy." "Where's the mint? Tastes like coconut." "Refreshing." "Not a true chocolate mint taste." "More of a vanilla taste."
#9 America's Choice Mint Chocolate Chip (Not Recommended)
Damon Dahlen/AOL
"Icy." "Tastes like the old-school stuff from childhood." "A little grainy, not creamy at all." "Reminds me of medicine." "Grainy! Where are all the chips? Tastes cheap."
#10 Edy's Slow Churned Mint Chocolate Chip (Not Recommended)
Damon Dahlen/AOL
"Nice chocolate bits." "A bit grainy, didn't taste like mint." Where's the mint and chocolate flavor?" "Average!" "Chips are perfect and melt instantly. Very airy!! But not as creamy as I would like." "No flavor, gross consistency."

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