8 Lady Video Bloggers Who Make The Internet A Better Place

These Awesome Lady Video Bloggers Are Making The Internet A Better Place

The Internet can be a scary place for women. (See here, here and here.) There are, however, many badass women bravely combatting online misogyny. Many of these fierce females can be found right on YouTube, talking about a range of important issues every day -- and they deserve a round of applause.

Last week, British YouTube star Sam Pepper posted a video where he walks around grabbing unsuspecting women's butts and films their reactions. Given that touching someone without their consent is assault, the reaction to the video was not positive.

After receiving backlash from Twitter and other well-known YouTubers, Pepper released two more videos clarifying that the prank was actually a "social experiment." Since then, Pepper has been dropped by the media network Collective Digital Studio that represented him and is now facing multiple allegations of inappropriate and harassing behavior towards women.

Sexism and misogyny run rampant on the Internet and can often times become overwhelming. Instead of dedicating another article to Pepper, we're highlighting the awesome work some of our favorite female YouTubers are doing every day.

These women combat everyday sexism by vlogging about it head on, talking about complex topics or simply being laugh-out-loud funny. Even better, these are just a few of the hundred, if not thousands, of women speaking on a range of important topics every day on YouTube.

Here are eight of our favorite lady vloggers:

1. Laci Green
With a following of over 1 million, sex positive vlogger and fierce feminist Laci Green has definitely reached YouTube celebrity status. The 24-year-old, Utah-native regularly debunks myths about feminism and brings important commentary to women's issues.

2. Anna Akana
Anna Akana is a 24-year-old actress and filmmaker who's just as badass as she is talented. Her YouTube channel covers tons of topics, ranging from dating as an Asian woman to things every girl should know. Akana's discussions are both articulate and hysterical.

3. Akilah Hughes
Akilah Hughes a.k.a. Smoothiefreak is an up-and-coming YouTuber who brings tons of social commentary, comedy and a few makeup tutorials to her channel. A writer and comedian, Hughes is both entertaining and wickedly smart.

4. Megan MacKay
Writer, comedian and all-around badass YouTuber, Megan MacKay is known for combining tongue-in-cheek makeup tutorials with news topics, such as her "Ray Rice Inspired Makeup Tutorial." She recently posted a video discussing Sam Pepper and body autonomy.

5. Savannah Brown
This 18-year-old vlogger is known for her quirky rants and amazing poetry. She's best known for her response to Vine star Nash Grier's controversial video about "What Guys Look for In Girls." Check it out below.

6. Natalie Tran
With over 1 million followers, Natalie Tran boasts one of the largest YouTube subscriptions of any Australian video blogger. She's also a vlogger, comedian, actress and writer, which is impressive by any standard. The Sydney, Australia native is known for her smart and relatable comedy sketches, which focus on the humorous aspects of everyday life.

7. Hannah Hart
The 27-year-old comedian, author and actress has achieved YouTube celebrity status with over 1.5 million followers. Hart is best known for her "My Drunk Kitchen" episodes where she and guests get drunk and cook. Yes, it's as hilarious as it sounds.

8. Franchesca Ramsey a.k.a. Chescaleigh
Actress, comedian and graphic designer Franchesca Ramsey seems like someone we'd love to grab a drink with. The 29-year-old is best known for her creative and funny sketches that range from Beyoncé parody songs to chatting about life with Tracee Ellis Ross. She also tackles more serious issues such as in the video below, where she denounces Sam Pepper, but also brings attention to the fact that there are also a lot of borderline racist "prank" YouTube videos as well.

Girls rule (the Internet).

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