Birther Queen Orly Taitz Goes Down In Fight For Republican Nomination For California Secretary Of State

Orly Taitz, the Israeli émigré and California dentist who has made a name for herself by insisting in court that President Obama is not an American citizen, has lost her effort to become the Republican nominee for California's Secretary of State.

The "birther queen" lost to establishment-backed GOP candidate Damon Dunn, a black Republican businessman and former NFL player who, up until the last presidential election, had never voted.

With 98 percent of California precincts reporting, Dunn trounced Taitz by a margin of almost three to one, with Taitz still netting 365,684 votes.

Before the results were in, Politico spoke to political experts in California who believed that a Taitz win was entirely within the realm of possibility. Sources pointed to Dunn's campaign and wondered if he had done enough to fend off Taitz and her extreme views.

Pointing to early returns that showed Dunn walloping Taitz, The Washington Post's Dave Wiegel wrote that Dunn's efforts appeared to be enough.

Politico's story about Taitz's odds included a telling paragraph about her campaign tactics against Dunn:

Taitz is running against Damon Dunn, an African-American former professional football player. As with Obama, she's turned to lawsuits to challenge him, arguing that Dunn's brief time as a registered Democrat in Florida -- from his playing days with the Jacksonville Jaguars -- disqualifies him from the California ballot and amounts to fraud.

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