'Saturday Night Live' Spoofs With 'The Black Lotus,' Where Guests Can't Get Away With 'Tude

“All the decadence, all the intrigue — none of the foolishness."
Screen Shot/NBC/Saturday Night Live

Saturday Night Live” spoofed the second season of “The White Lotus” at a tony Italian resort with a Black staff who won’t be taking any sass from the guests.

In an “SNL” faux promotional trailer, “The Black Lotus” promises “all the decadence, all the intrigue — none of the foolishness,” and describes “guests that have everything, and a staff that’s had enough.”

The sketch starts with a whiny Chloe Fineman in a dead-on impersonation of actor Jennifer Coolidge’s angsty character Tanya McQuoid.

When “Dominic,” Michael Imperioli’s character, asks the desk staff at Black Lotus to make certain that his “escorts” have access to his room, Ego Nwodim shouts across the room: “Hey, William, give these whores a spare key to the room.”

When Dominic asks her to keep her voice down, Nwodim repeats, not softly: “William, see this man right here? He didn’t come with nobody so he wants these hos to come and go as they please. Everybody,” she adds to people in the lobby, “treat these hos like they’re regular people.”

After Sarah Sherman’s version of Tanya’s assistant, Portia, asks for a car to take off with a sketchy mob flunky, Nwodim tells Kenan Thompson: “He gonna kill her.”

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