Jonas performed two singles from his about-to-be-released solo album in his debut as host — and musical guest.
The entire cast of “Saturday Night Live” wanted to flee when the then-"Apprentice" host first came on the show in 2004.
The dig on "Weekend Update" sparks complaints, but spotlights the stark vaccine gulf between Israelis and Palestinians.
We burn for the "Bridgerton" star, who hosted "Saturday Night Live" this week.
"I want us to have fun together, to explore each other. Does that sound pleasing to you?” the Duke of Hastings from "Bridgerton" wooed in his hosting debut.
The "senator" admitted he's in hot water — which "no one in Texas has."
“This underground cabal ... who’s part of it? How do you get an invite? Is it reservations or open table?" wondered Kate McKinnon.
If “you’re going to impeach a president for anything, don’t you think it’s sending a mob to kill the vice president?” he asked.