'Little Rascals' Star Releases Beautiful Marriage Equality Ballad

"Little Rascals" and "Full House" star Blake McIver finds lasting love and expresses his support for marriage equality in the video for his latest tune, "This Is Who We Are." 

"When I was a small boy, I never thought there'd be/That perfect, happy ending for anyone like me," McIver sings in the mid-tempo, country-tinged ballad as he cozies up to a handsome co-star. "Now I want them all to see, the strength of you and me." 

The song is reminiscent of his talent show duet with Darla. (OK, maybe not, but we can dream.)



In keeping with the song's message, the clip concludes with the two men tying the knot amidst a sunny Californian landscape and surrounded by friends and family. 

McIver, who is openly gay, wrote in a Facebook post that he was inspired by his relationship with his grandfather when he wrote the song. 

"He passed away before I had the opportunity to come out to him," he wrote. "I’m not saying it would’ve been a particularly easy conversation, but his unconditional love of me was never a question in my mind. ...As we celebrate the massive victory of the Supreme Court ruling, let us not forget our brothers and sisters who are still facing daily discrimination for being exactly who they are."

A regular fixture on Bravo's "The People's Couch," McIver made headlines in 2013 when he revealed his new toned, sexy look on Instagram. He's focused heavily on music since then, releasing a steamy music video for "Wish I Didn't Need You" before suiting up for a version of the Christmas classic, "O Holy Night."

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