The Most Cringeworthy 9/11 Tweets From Brands

The Most Cringeworthy 9/11 Tweets From Brands

It's the annual 9/11 tribute that no one asked for and everyone hates: companies on Twitter using the worst day in recent American history to promote themselves using cheesy quotes and branded photos:

Last year, AT&T won the award for worst branded 9/11 tweet with this gem. And let's hope no one tops that. Ever.

These guys could sure use a lesson in tact.

Today is 13th anniversary of 9/11. We remember those lost, & honor those still fighting for freedom. #911NeverForget

— Official Fleshlight (@Fleshlight) September 11, 2014

In response, Twitter users collectively rolled their eyes.

Of course, some companies back-tracked. After a Virginia yoga studio tweeted this...


... it was forced to offer an apology and deleted the earlier tweet.

Please accept our sincerest apologies, we did not mean to cause any harm to anyone.

— Bikram Arlington (@bikramarlington) September 11, 2014

Build-A-Bear, which posted a photo of a camouflaged bear wearing an army uniform, deleted its tweet. CVS deleted its tweet as well.

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