'Braxton Family Values': Tamar Feels 'Soul Train Awards' Performance Is Her Big Break (VIDEO)

Getting to perform at an awards show is an honor, and it can make or break a career. Tamar was hoping for a bit of both on "Braxton Family Values" (Thu., 9 p.m. EST on WE). She was hoping her performance on "The Soul Train Awards" would be her big break and make her career. Tamar's tribute to Gladys Knight was well received by the audience and in the press, but as with many performers, Tamar was hypercritical about it in the aftermath.

Things were stressful going into it, as the lateness of her sisters left her in a bit of a mad frenzy to get ready backstage before being ushered out to sing. That left her dissatisfied with her hair and makeup going into this huge opportunity, so she felt she'd already blown it a little bit.

Add to that the stress and worry about her husband Vincent's health, and his subsequent absence as her manager. Change is hard to deal with, and while Anthony seemed very capable in the role, he just wasn't Vincent. While the audience probably didn't pick up any of the things she was worried about, except perhaps for her sense that she rushed a bit, Tamar was far more negative.

"I had a chance to prove myself, and I feel like I blew it," she said. "Everybody else, it was a performance. For me, it was the performance."

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