Man 'Thought It Would Be Funny' To Pour Beer Down Toddler's Throat: Cops

A Louisiana couple was arrested last week after police say a man poured beer down the throat of his girlfriend’s one-year-old son.

Brett Flower, 24. and Krysten Verdin, 23, are both facing child cruelty charges, according to CBS 12. Slidell Police launched an investigation into the couple after the toddler’s grandfather reported he suspected the child was being abused, WWLTV reports.

Investigators say that family and friends told them Flower, who is not the child’s father, had poured beer down the boy’s throat on multiple occasions. When the boy would then vomit, his mother, Verdin, would allegedly slap him on the back of the head so hard he would fall down.

Flower allegedly admitted he fed the boy beer, but said he only did it because he “thought it would be funny,” Detective Daniel Seuzeneau told Seuzeneau also said that the boy is in “OK” physical condition.

The couple was arrested on Feb. 24.