Cleveland Browns Fan Scott Entsminger Disses Team In Hilarious Obituary

Browns Fan Disses Team In Hilarious Obituary

Judging by his obituary, Scott E. Entsminger would happily spend eternity cheering on the Cleveland Browns. But before he passed away July 4, the lifelong fan couldn't resist one shot at the team that failed to live up to his expectations.

In his obituary, published Sunday in the Columbus Dispatch, the 55-year-old hilariously requested "six Cleveland Browns pall bearers so the Browns can let him down one last time."

Entsminger was born in 1958, meaning he was barely 6 years old when the Browns won their most recent championship... in 1964. Since then, the team has made it to the playoffs several times, yet a championship eludes them.

The championship drought, however, appears to have never sapped Entsminger's support for the team. As an "accomplished musician," he is said to have written a song about the Browns every year, then sent it to the team along with advice on how to run the organization.

The family requested people paying their respects to Entsminger wear Cleveland Browns clothing in his honor.

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