These 11 Genius Business Cards Put Everyone Else's To Shame

If you think the Internet has rendered business cards obsolete, it probably just means you need a better idea.

The fact is, the vast majority of Americans still exchange cards when they first meet, according to a recent survey by DesignCrowd, a crowdsourcing site that sells business card designs. You just need make sure your card stands out among the rest.

If you're struggling to think outside the box, here's some inspiration from various advertising agencies, compiled by the design blog BoredPanda.

For the fitness guru who wants to show off those downward-facing digits.

Or the yoga instructor who is ready to roll.

For the plastic surgeon who is well-endowed.

And the shipping exec who wants to prove she's no square.

For the tennis coach who's looking for love.

And those who work for tips and are a cut above the rest.

For the headshop owner who helps out his clients in a twist.

And the cheese monger who cuts the cheese.

For the bike repairman who won't screw you out of a good deal.

And the meat shop owner who is no jerk.

And lastly, for the attorney who specializes in splits.

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Clarification: Language has been amended in reference to the circumcision slide. While such a card would be suitable for a rabbi, as originally stated, or mohel or urologist, a reader of Turkish points out that this particular card is for a "sunnetci," who performs ritual circumcisions in Turkey. The article has also been updated to note that many of these business cards were previously compiled by Bored Panda.