Cattle Truck Tips Over And Crashes, Cows Walk Away (VIDEO)

Everyone likes a good Russian dashboard camera video, but this one is nothing short of miraculous... if it isn't a hoax.

But either way, it'll probably have you exclaiming, "Holy cow!" (No, we could not help ourselves. Deal with it.)

The footage appears to capture the moment a truck full of cattle tips over. But instead of the carnage that you'd expect from a vehicular accident involving livestock, the cows take a tumble, then seemingly get up and walk away.

The video, which appears to be dated Dec. 12, was uploaded to YouTube on Monday with a description that reads "footage captured by a Russian trucker," according to a translation by The Huffington Post.

Earlier this year, 40 dairy cows died when a truck overturned near San Jacinto, Calif.

In 2011, a truck full of cattle crashed in the Chicago suburbs, injuring a few animals and "raining cows" on I-294.