Chaddy, Teen, Has Wisdom Teeth Removed, Makes Sweet Promise To Parents While Still Under Anesthesia (VIDEO)

WATCH: Teen's Hilarious Comments To Parents After Wisdom Tooth Surgery

Kids may say the darnedest things, but many teenagers don't communicate very well with their parents -- that is, unless they're under anesthesia.

This talkative teen -- appropriately named Chaddy -- has just had his wisdom teeth removed, and he's feeling rather emotional as he recovers.

In the short video clip, Chaddy not only makes hilarious comments about food, soccer and girls, but he utters a phrase most mothers would die to hear: "You're the mom, so you know what's best."

The partially anesthetized teen seems to genuinely mean it. And Chaddy isn't about to leave dad out of the equation, either.

"Don't spend lots of money, because we need to save our money for the Great Depression," he tells his father, who offers to buy him a smoothie.

And if that wasn't thoughtful enough, he vows to one day buy his parents a new home outfitted with elevators.

"I want to get you and mom a nicer one for when you guys are old," he says reassuringly.

Unfortunately for Chaddy, that might be a promise he has to keep. After all, there's video evidence of the conversation.

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