Chapell in New York

Chapell in New York
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One of the best things about living in New Jersey: I can go to New York whenever I please. As a music lover, that is especially great when it comes to seeing great shows. One such show that has me excited is Chapell on October 26.

See, what I love about Chapell is that he didn’t take the conventional route because, in his own words, “It never felt like the right time.” Chapell has been performing music since he was a child and recorded his first EP in high school. Then, Chapell had a band called “All the Voices,” which was quite successful, performing alongside some of the biggest acts of the 90s.

Chapell then took his musical talents to Mumbai and began creating music with the East-West fusion band Kalki. Then he came home to Connecticut. And then his latest destination: NYC. He wrote and recorded dozens of songs, and all these experiences influenced his latest release, the deeply autobiographical The Redhead’s Allegations. Chapell’s sound is retro-modern Rock. It is about not fitting in, the discomfort that it engenders and the creativity it can inspire.

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