Subway Punching Bags: Chinese Commuters Get To Vent Their Frustrations (VIDEO)

WATCH: Shanghai Subway Commuters Get Punching Bags In Subway Stations

Commuting is far from a stress-free experience, especially in a city of 23 million. But now Shanghai's subway riders can take out their frustration on massive punching bags, instead of fellow passengers.

Adidas installed the punching bags in Shanghai's subway station as part of a quirky ad campaign.

Across the bags, a slogan reads (when translated into English), "Every year you have to wait on the platform for about 1,824 minutes. Don't waste your time, come and have some punch!" , reports Treehugger.

Perhaps this initiative could inspire a bit of exercise and help tackle China's growing obesity epidemic. The Telegraph reports Chinese obesity rates grew from 18 million in 2005 to 100 million last year, or nearly 8 per cent of the population. Meanwhile, about 39% of China's population is overweight, according to a study from Shanghai's Jiaotong university.

Watch this video where Chinese commuters have a go at what Adidas calls "the first advertisement in history that you can kick, punch and trample at will", according to

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