Christian Louboutin London Shoe Exhibit: His Top 5 Most Dangerous Shoes (PHOTOS)

Despite an ongoing lawsuit, Christian Louboutin is having a great year. New mom Jessica Simpson has given him shout outs, he's creating a real life Cinderella glass shoe and most recently, London's Design Museum has dedicated a whole exhibit to his craftsmanship.

While admiring the beautiful works of shoe art that were on display in London, we couldn't help but notice how dangerous some of the Louboutins shoes are! Yes, dangerous, and we're not talking because of the heel size. We're talking spikes coming from all angles and what appears to be a barbed wire-like material on some of these red bottom shoes.

And though we could never physically wear these shoes, we still think they are something to be admired. So, as we celebrate Christian and all of the fantastic work he's done over the last 20 years, check out our slideshow and tell us how dangerous you think these shoes are!

Christian Louboutin Shoes