Christine Lee Brown Allegedly Dials 911 To Thank Sheriff For Bologna Sandwiches

She had the wurst reasons for calling 911.

Christine Lee Brown, of Palm Bay, Fla., was arrested on Saturday after allegedly calling 911 repeatedly to thank Sheriff Jeff Parker for the bologna sandwiches she had previously eaten while in jail.

With each call, the dispatcher asked the 51-year-old if she was experiencing an emergency, but she just kept talking about the sandwiches, Florida Today reports.

Police arrived at Brown's home while she was still on the phone with the dispatcher.

The woman was given the opportunity to enjoy those sandwiches once again after being booked into the Brevard County Jail Complex on a $3,000 bond. She has been charged with six felony counts of misuse of 911.

Brown is not the first Floridian to misunderstand the purpose of the 911 line. In August, Joshua Basso allegedly called 911 seven times to request that female deputies come have sex with him.

And in September, teenager Mark Welch allegedly made two emergency calls trying to convince dispatchers that everything he had dreamt was becoming a reality.



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