Clean Up Christmas Tree Pine Needles From Your Floor Easily

Those little guys are hard to pick up!
Detail of green spruce needles texture
Detail of green spruce needles texture

Christmas is officially over. And whether you’re someone who likes to remove decorations right away, or the type to keep them up a little longer, eventually you’re going to find your home covered in little pine needles when you go to take down the tree. But the problem is, sometimes a vacuum cleaner just can't suck up all the little buggers. Luckily, our friends at CasaSugar have a great tip to help you clean tree needles from your floor.

First, wrap a piece of duct tape around your hand -- sticky side exposed. Then, pat the messy area with the adhesive. And just repeat this until the floor is clean.

This little trick will save you time by allowing you to pick up the greenery easily and rather quickly.

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