11 Clever Ways To Improve Your Kitchen Storage Problem

Get ready for some serious home improvement.

Kitchens are easily one of the messiest rooms in any house. There are just too many big or oddly shaped appliances and gadgets that have to be stored, so it's easy to understand why. But that doesn't mean that it isn't super annoying, because it is.

There are solutions. Easy, DIY, and mostly affordable solutions that will organize your kitchen in a way you never thought possible. Folks, get ready because you're about to love spending time in your kitchen again.

Make a customizable drawer organizer.
Kevin & Amanda
It's the best way to ensure everything has its proper place. All it requires is a trip to a home improvement store and the ability to work a power drill.
Get creative with vertical organizers.
Sure, most people use these things for papers, but they're awesome in the kitchen. Cutting boards, baking pans and other hard to store items are beautifully organized with these affordable things.
Repurpose old items for new.
Not only does this old closet door help with storage problems, but it's cute too.
Label, label, label.
A Beautiful Mess
And no need to pull out the label maker either. Let the helpful labels be part of the decoration too.
Don't forget about the peg board option.
A Beautiful Mess
Peg boards in the kitchen aren't anything new. Julia Child's kitchen is famously known for the use of them. But, it's not always that attractive -- unless of course, you get creative with it.
Invest in a real-deal pots-and-pan organizer.
Yes, these things do exist. And you can install them yourself. Gone are the days where you need to wrestle pots and pans out of the cabinet. With these racks, everything has its place and it's all easy to reach.
Think outside the box with an over-the-door shoe organizer.
Money Saving Queen
They work great behind the pantry door as a way to maximize space and organize those small items.
Convert a cabinet into a pull-out trash bin.
A Beautiful Mess
Sometimes finding a place to put the trash is the most challenging of all. Place it under a cabinet and it's out of the way. And with a roll-out bin, you can opt for a bigger size can.
Look up.
A Beautiful Mess
There's often time a little bit of space for storage on top of the cabinet. You don't want to store essentials there, but it's a great option for stashing extras.
Use those walls.
A Beautiful Mess
Vertical kitchen storage is often times the last thing people think of. While not all of us own cute kitchen tools that we want to show off, if you mix your tools with flowers or plants it will add eye appeal.
Capitalize on the magic of the Lazy Susan.
Decor Chick
This is genius. Every pantry can use the help of one (or 10) of these.

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