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This Color-Changing Cake Is Like Magic You Can Eat

Like, whoa.

Cakes are often judged on their appearance. Frosted flowers make us ooh and ahh and fall in love with this sweet confection, even before we've had a bite. And we've just found the most impressive looking cake of all. This cake is so incredibly frosted it'll make you think you're seeing things.

Folks, let us introduce you to the most trippy cake to ever have been baked. This cake actually changes colors as you look at it. When the cake turns, the colors change. It's not some sort of sorcery, but rather a very impressive airbrushing job by CharlotteSometimes on Youtube. Watch the video below to see the magic.

So cool, we know. This technique is achieved by airbrushing the textured frosting from opposite directions, using different colors. If you feel up for the challenge, the creator of this cake has actually made a tutorial. So now, you too can bake, frost and eat this psychedelic cake.

This is how it's done:

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