'Heaven Is For Real' Boy Describes Heaven To Sean Hannity

'Heaven Is For Real' Boy Describes Heaven To Sean Hannity

Colton Burpo, whose account of a near-death experience at age 3 (almost 4) was told in the best-selling book Heaven Is For Real, gave Fox News' Sean Hannity some details about the afterlife in a recent interview to promote the movie.

Burpo, now a teenager, told Hannity that he walked and talked with Jesus Christ. "Jesus is more like the humanoid version," he said. "He is the one you can relate to because he loves you so much and he's actually your size."

The boy recalled seeing relatives he'd never met, including a sister who died when his mother had a miscarriage. He also noted that those who die in old age walk heaven in their prime.

But heaven does have a critical entry standard, he said: "Not everybody does go to heaven. Everybody there loves Jesus."

Heaven Is For Real: A Little Boy's Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back, which was co-written by Colton's father, evangelical pastor Todd Burpo, became a "sleeper hit" after it was published in November 2010, the New York Times reported. The book has ascended the best-seller charts again amid the pre-Easter release of the film adaptation, notching its 138th week on USA Today's best-selling book list.

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