Could the F-Bomb Get in the Way of True Healing?

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“It’s only a word, Dad.”

“Its punctuates perfectly.”

“It’s effective.”

“It’s powerful.”

“It’s harmless, really.”

But no matter how confident I felt when walking away from debating my Dad on the harmlessness of using the f-bomb, I still wrestle the points he made to this day, though he passed over five years ago.

“The word is loaded with violence, Carol. Language like that diminishes you.”

He’d plead, even beg, “Please don’t use that word my daughter.”

Why does it matter?

I mean, near everyone I know drops the f-bomb.

It’s actually quite en vogue.

No big deal.

Lighten up, right?

Ah, but everything we take in, whether it be food or words, air or thought, all have the power to heal or poison.

And the f-bomb definitely does not feel healing when I say it. It might feel good, but it doesn’t feel healing, and healthy really matters to me.

Nor does it feel Sacred when I say it, and Sacred really matters to me too.

So with white-flag in hand, I reckon there’s been a hole in my reasoning.

Quantum physics shows that our thoughts are literal vibrations of energy that have an enormous influence on our lives.

Put simply, the frequency and the vibration of the words we choose can transform the frequency of every cell, tissue and organ in our body. That is, the language we choose can heal and rejuvenate, or constrict and block.

Add to that, every spiritual community from every corner of the planet agrees on the importance of right speech to promote peace and happiness within ourselves and the world.

As I write this I shake my head. Connecting to self is the cornerstone of my healthy lifestyle practice and my 1:1 coaching programs… and I didn’t see how the f-bomb could be sabotaging my thoughts, energy and my relationship to me.

I was stuck in the mindset that the f-bomb is a power word. The perfect word to punctuate my passion.

I know from my own experience, and from working with 100s of clients, that to create a healthy lifestyle with results that last, the cornerstone is always connecting to Self.

To do this, my clients and I eat nutrient dense, healing foods and meditate, journal, create gratefulness and take walks in nature everyday to connect to our Highest and best Selves.

We say no to unhealthy foods every day, to create a healthy lifestyle.

We carve out time to connect to self every single day, so we can once and for all get to all the goals that matter most to us, beyond the distractions poor health causes!

And now I raise the question, could the f-bomb get in the way of true healing?

I don’t have a definitive answer on the f-bomb for you or anyone, beyond what I offer here. Nor would I want to. The language you choose to use is like every other choice, personal.

We all have different experiences that shape our choices and you may feel very differently than me on this matter. I expect it, actually.

But for me, with what I’m out to create and achieve, the f-bomb does not energetically line-up any longer. Perhaps never did, but judging by my initial days of trying to omit it, it’s going to take a few more to filter it out!

I guess my carrot-eating, healthy-minded, daily-running-devotee, Dad knew I’d figure it out eventually.

So, tell me…

What are your thoughts on the f-bomb?

Do you use the word?

Do you think it could be impacting your thoughts or connection to self negatively?

Leave a comment below! I'd love to hear your thoughts on this controversial word!