Couples: Do You Dress Like Your Partner?

If you've ever seen an elderly couple strolling in matching tracksuits or mistaken for twins a hipster couple in skinny jeans and matching cardigans, then you may believe the old saying that couples resemble one another. The phenomenon has actually been scientifically proven, though it's still not understood if people adopt each other's expressions over time, as this University of Michigan researcher hypothesized, or if we're pre-disposed to pair up with people already similar to us.

Photographer Nacho Roja playfully examines this phenomenon in "Couples," a series of photographs of him and his girlfriend dressed in a series of matching styles.

Check out Roja's photos on Flavorwire and let us know if you and your partner share a similar style. If so, send us your photos and a line or two about why you go together so well to women@huffingtonpost.com, and we may feature it here!