WAY TO GO, PAUL: Overzealous Dad Breaks Hockey Glass At Daughter's Youth Tournament

WATCH: Overzealous Dad Breaks Hockey Glass, Gets Yelled At

Dear Parents,

Please, don't be like Paul. Paul gets a little too "into" his kid's hockey games. He yells at the refs; he bangs on the glass; he shatters the glass singlehandedly before someone interrupts the shocked silence to yell, "WAY TO GO, PAUL."

You'll want the sound turned on for this one.

The above Vine comes from the York Ice Arena in York, Penn., where an overzealous dad apparently named "Paul" shattered the safety glass last weekend at his daughter's youth hockey tournament, prompting referees to pause play while the mess was cleaned up.

"This is another unfortunate example of the totally ridiculous obsession of some parents with youth sports," Eric Menzer, who helps manage the rink, told The York Daily Record.

According to the Record, the glass broke because the man, who is from Florida, hit the pane with his metal wedding ring, which concentrated the force instead of dispersing it across a broad area. "He broke the (wedding) ring," Menzer added. "Apparently, his hand wasn't in great shape either.

Pennsylvania's Fox 43 reports the man had to pay for the broken glass -- potentially as much as $500 -- and has been banned for life from the arena. He'll also face a disciplinary hearing with his daughter's team back home in Florida.


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