Creating Disney Leadership Magic with Lee Cockerell

Creating Disney Leadership Magic with Lee Cockerell
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As an entrepreneur, you never know from where your next opportunity, or game-changing connection will come. You just have that unbreakable faith… That it will come.

If a friend called you up with an invitation to spend the weekend with him and a handful of other like-minded business owners and entrepreneurs (whom you didn’t know) for a fun-filled, and action-packed, brainstorming weekend, would you go?

Would you take a chance on the unfamiliar, the unexpected, and the unplanned, or would you stay within the shadows of the status quo?

The truth is, there’s no guarantee of success, no matter which way you decide to go. However, one option has a BIGGER chance of unknown and ground-breaking possibilities.

We all have choices to make. And, the decision I chose was to make the round trip visit to Orlando, with the attitude and belief that good things were coming.

And, not only did I find myself surrounded by supportive, achievement-driven folks, I had the opportunity to make friends with, and learn from, one of the top executive speakers on the circuit, EVP of operations (now retired) for Walt Disney World resorts, Lee Cockerell. (Click to listen to the podcast.)

Talk about a HUGE connection, within the speaker’s market! (Which I needed.)

Was this an accident? A chance meeting? A coincidence?

Or could it be that God is opening a door for me; this time hoping I’ll walk through it?

We've all passed by open doors, that we regret ignoring.

However, with your willingness, that can stop today.

God has given us the gift of choice and of free will. We get to choose what we say “yes” to, and “no” to.

And, you get the choice of saying “yes” or maybe even “hell yes” to your success.

As we move into a new year, make this your goal - Say “yes” to opportunities for which you may have once said “no”.

For all we know (and this is my attitude), powers greater than you or I, are setting you up for situations where all doors are flung open for you.

What is one relational, business, or career door that you missed? Don’t worry… I have enough for both of us. :-)

Is there a door standing open right now in front of you that you haven't walked through yet?

What the worst that could happen if you took the chance?

What's the best that could happen.

A new year gives us all a clean slate and gives you an opportunity to experience you at your best. As you prepare yourself to make new and fresh career, business, and lifestyle choices, don't let yesterday's "no" be the stumbling block to tomorrow's "yes".

"Yes" brings possibilities while "no" brings them to a screeching halt.

What is ONE THING you are willing to say "YES" to today?

Listen to the Podcast

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