Father Michael Bardwil Sues Strake Jesuit For Rejecting Son After $40,000 Donation

Dr. Michael Bardwil donated $40,000 to his alma mater, a Jesuit school in Houston, Texas, after a school administrator advised it would guarantee his son admission. So when his son was rejected earlier this year, Bardwil was upset.

ABC reports that a school administrator asked that Bardwil donate $100,000 to the school, and in return the prestigious college preparatory would offer admission to his son. When Bardwil pledged $50,000 over a five year period, he assumed it was a sure thing.

So when his son's rejection letter came, Bardwil asked for the money back. He told ABC:

"I told them if they didn't want my son that's fine, but I'm going to rescind my donation...And then that's when they told me that they can't give me my money back."

Bardwil says the only option he's left with is to sue the school. He's asking the school to pay $40,000, plus attorney's fees and other money for "such unconscionable overreaching."

The Houston Chronicle reports that donations to schools are charity, and don't guarantee admission. Myra A. McGovern, a spokeswoman for the National Association of Independent Schools, told the Chronicle:

"It's not a situation that happens frequently...There occasionally are people who feel that making donations will better their chances for their children's admission, but admission to independent schools is not done that way."

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