Daniel Radcliffe On 'The Woman In Black' And Saying Goodbye to 'Harry Potter' (VIDEO)

It's incredibly difficult to jump from portraying a character so ingrained in society -- like Daniel Radcliffe's Harry Potter -- to a lesser-known character in a non-franchise movie. How does an actor shed that persona when he moves on to more artsy, less mainstream roles?

Daniel Radcliffe stars in "The Woman in Black," a subdued horror-suspense movie which has him playing an adult, a lawyer and -- in perhaps the biggest adjustment of his career -- a father. Several other media outlets had already grilled Radcliffe about what it's like to move on from his huge role, why he chose this particular movie and his alleged "fallout" with "Potter" co-star Rupert Grint.

Instead of treading old ground, Moviefone asked Radcliffe about what it was like to not be Potter onscreen, and why, despite his disbelief in the supernatural, he chose "The Woman in Black" as his follow-up movie. Radcliffe also discussed his thoughts on the Academy Awards, and whether or not he aspires to get a golden statue in his career.

Level-headed and seemingly wise beyond his years, Radcliffe gave Moviefone a few minutes to pick his brain while on a junket in Toronto. Watch the video interview above.