Danielle Fishel Slams Bullies Criticizing Her Weight, Marriage In Twitter Rant

'Boy Meets World' Star Unleashes Twitter Rant

Internet bullies, do not mess with Danielle Fishel. The actress wasn't afraid to take direct aim at those criticizing her in a Twitter rant on Tuesday.

This weekend, the "Boy Meets World" star made headlines when she married her boyfriend of nearly five years, Tim Belusko, 25, on Saturday in LA. But, apparently, some attempted to sully her wedded bliss. Fishel became the target of online bullies dishing out unwarranted hate about her weight and her relationship.

On Tuesday, the 32-year-old actress took to Twitter and slammed the critics.

People are giving me shit for marrying someone younger than I am. Tim is mature, responsible, loving, & kind. Way to judge people, Internet.

— Danielle Fishel (@daniellefishel) October 21, 2013

The online bullying certainly struck a chord as Fishel has previously struggled with body image issues.

When she was a teenager, she was "obsessed" with having a 24-inch waist and turned to unhealthy alternatives, like taking laxatives, eating only lettuce and even making herself throw up, she told People magazine in 2010. "I realized this was not a game," she said at the time. "I've learned to be comfortable in my own skin."

As for her relationship, Fishel announced her engagement and her college graduation last December in a Tumblr post. She went back to school at 27 years old and, while there, she met Belusko. "I persevered and sometimes I wasn't the oldest person in class, some of the whisperers became good friends, and I did so well in math, I even became a tutor. And that is how I met my fiance," she wrote.

The two married on Oct. 19, Us Weekly reported. She plans to have an amazing time on her honeymoon, in spite of the haters.

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