Danielle Reed, Teacher, Made Up Fake Student As Cover For Sex With Real Student: Reports

Teacher Created Fake Student As Cover For Sex With Real Student: Reports

He's a little old for imaginary friends -- and she's a little old to be having sex with a minor.

Danielle Reed, a 23-year-old English Teacher at Atlantic Coast High School in Jacksonville, Fla., was arrested on Nov. 9 for allegedly having sex with a minor between the ages of 12 and 18. The school's football coach told First Coast News that the boy was a student, though not a football player.

Police say that Reed had met the victim's parents, but pretended to be the mother of a fake student named "Josh." On at least one occasion, Reed allegedly went to the victim's house, claiming that she was picking the boy up for a sleepover with "Josh."

According to the police report, the relationship between Reed and the minor lasted from March to June. The victim's mother told police that a couple of months ago, her son admitted to the relationship.

"[Reed] was the sweetest woman ever," student Justin Pera told News4Jax. "I don't know. I don't believe it. Well, I kind of believe it."

Reed was arrested on Nov. 9 on felony charges of sexual battery. Her bond is set at $150,006, but the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office website notes that any inmate with an unsentenced felony charge cannot be released before his or her first court appearance.

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