This Honest Trailer Proves How 'F**king Awesome' David Bowie Was In 'Labyrinth'

Lets all magic dance one last time.

You know David Bowie is jamming to "Magic Dance" in heaven right now.

Following the rock icon's untimely death earlier this month, fans demanded that the '80s fantasy film "Labyrinth" get the Honest Trailer treatment.

Ask and ye shall receive because this send-up to the weirdly wonderful "Labyrinth" captures everything we love and remember about the cult classic: Bowie's hypnotic pronunciation of "baby," the cheesy special effects, the uncomfortable sexual tension between Bowie and then 16-year-old Jennifer Connelly and, of course, the "Magic Dance."

PSA: We've already sheared several wigs for our Jareth the Goblin King Halloween costume, so please choose another classic Bowie look out of respect.

Watch the trailer above.

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