David Sirota, Sean Paige Square Off Over Colorado Springs Budget On AM 760


Huffington Post bloggers David Sirota and Sean Paige took their took their on-line back and forth to the airwaves Thursday when Paige appeared on Sirota's AM 760 radio show to discuss Colorado Springs' budget cuts. The debate started when Sirota, responding to a Denver Post article on budget cuts in Colorado Springs, held the city's troubles as "a shining example of what happens to a community when conservatives' anti-tax policies are distilled into their most pure form."

Paige, a libertarian Colorado Springs City Councilman, in turn accused Sirota of sluring the Springs by painting an 'excessively grim' picture of conditions in the city.

On Thursday, Paige appeared on Sirota's radio show for a spirited hour-long debate on the issue. (Listen to the debate here)

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