<em>Deborah Lindquist:</em> The New Summer Trend: Pattern Play

While last year was the year of the stripe, spring/summer 2014 has introduced a new trend, the year of the.
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By Deborah Lindquist

While last year was the year of the stripe, spring/summer 2014 has introduced a new trend, the year of the print.

As we know, sometimes trends appear, flutter round a bit and die, while others seem to take the world by storm. If you hadn't already noticed, prints are everywhere. Graphic, retro, artistic, romantic, you name it. They are all here, sometimes worn in combination with each other, and creating a big stir.

With so many options, where to start and what to choose? Your personality, color of your skin and hair, your lifestyle are certainly factors. Pale girls might choose a subtle print that doesn't overpower their complexion and hair color while girls with a darker skin tone and/or vivid hair colors can rock a print with more pop. Choosing the right print is about balance. The print should enhance your beauty, not distract from it.

Subtle tonesA feminine retro girl with pale skin might choose a floral pattern such as the 1040's romantic floral on this bustier. The subtle tones compliment her skin tone while offering a pop of color to make the print interesting and fun. Pairing a colorful print with a neutral toned skirt such as this vintage parachute skirt keeps the look unique and on trend without becoming overwhelming.

2014-06-21-1patternplay1.jpgPhoto by Autumn Stankay, Skysight Photography

Big versus allover printsIf an allover print is just not your thing, a larger artistic image or an applique such as the lilies on this applique cashmere sweater could be a great choice. Prints can found as big as you can imagine or small, mellow and subtle. With that in mind, the sweater with the spaced- out lilies would look great worn with a dress made of a fabric similar to the curtain fabric behind it, just in case you change your mind about the allover idea.

In mixing prints, keep in mind the mix needs to be relatable in some way, (such as similar colors) to keep your look from becoming too busy. Or crazy.

2014-06-21-patternplay21.jpgPhoto by Autumn Stankay, Skysight Photography

Graphic printsThe race for space in the 1960s brought us not only the technology for space travel, but a new and inspiring influence in textile design. Graphic prints such as the vintage 1960s print on this bustier were abundant at that time and are today translated into the current graphic pattern trend we're seeing in fashion. With a print as bold, colorful and vivid as this, the best way to wear it is with something black, maybe easy black trousers. I'm sure we an all have those in our closets!

2014-06-21-patternplay3.jpgPhoto by Autumn Stankay, Skysight Photography

Jump in and indulge in a little pattern play this summer--you'll be glad that you did!

As one of America's most sought after environmentally conscious designers, Deborah Lindquist creates exquisite apparel out of a mix of "reincarnated" and new Earth-friendly fabrics, such as cashmere, hemp and bamboo. Lindquist's avant-garde apparel has been showcased in numerous publications including Elle, In Style, Lucky, WWD, Vibe, People, Brides and Maxim. You can also catch her one-of-a-kind pieces during episodes of Lifetime's How to Look Good Naked and Access Hollywood's Hollywood Green. She has dressed trendsetters such as Rihanna, Pink, Christina Aguilera, Jessica Simpson, Paris Hilton, Keisha Cole and Jessica Alba. Check out her press page and blog to learn more about Deborah.

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