Do We Only Get One Great Love?

We all have experienced that feeling of falling for another human. The feeling of giddiness and can’t- get- enough of each other bliss.

Those sentiments often times end quickly, the power of instant connections blinding us temporarily with the feeling of love that fades as soon as a problem arises or the next great thing comes along.

Mini relationships at their finest. Glimpses of what we want dance in the distance and we quickly realize that it is indeed not love at all, but instead a fascination of the thought of something new.

But sometimes, when we are lucky, those feelings continue forward. Love develops from nowhere and all of the sudden the imperfect person standing in front of us, suddenly seems completely perfect in our eyes.

During the first stage of this, there is an unexplainable time of exploring the other's soul, every crevice, as if it were the first time we have ever done so with another person, regardless of how many times we have fallen in the past.

Somehow within that time, we start to feel an overwhelming fondness for the other person. Not just the giddiness of passion, but another feeling, the familiar feeling of familiarity. As if that person has always been there, just out of reach, and finally is stepping into the light to remind us of our invisible past of connection.

The relationship continues forward through ups and downs, times of pain and times of joy. Tumbling onward, a commitment to the heart standing next to us growing with every sentence and every curve in the road.

Connection with another human being, when done with intention, can add a depth to our lives that we never even knew existed, until we finally feel it within our souls.

So, the question that begs for our attention with this great love, is do we believe that this person, the person standing next to us and making our hearts skip a beat, is the only person in the whole world that could ever have this power over our heart...

Do we only get one great love?

The amount of time we spend holding space for another person creates a bond that no one else understands. Whether this bond and connection happens within 2 weeks, or 10 years, the connection of the mind to another can prove to be a powerful tie.

We grow and change, we hold tightly to that person because for whatever reason God brought that person into our lives, at the exact right time, and in the exact right form.

True love deepening with experience, if we allow it to grow, even through the ups and downs.

So what happens when all of the sudden that person that completes our heart, is gone?

Loss is an excruciatingly real part of our existence. Loss of relationships are all around us. Sometimes they crumble, life changing one person’s heart and not the others. Sometimes they break away, seemingly softly without intention or anger, but all that remains are glimpses of memories of the true love that once was. And sometimes, they are taken from us, gone too early from this world without any warning or forethought.

However our relationships end, does the ending lessen what once was undeniably real to the core?

I don’t believe this could be true. Love is more powerful than that in which we can see with our eyes. Love breaks all barriers and proves that the entity in which we once loved with all our hearts, does not need to be present to prove that it ever truly was to begin with.

Therefore, love, whether ending intentionally or without choice, remains to be great love. This love inadvertantly is leading us to the next great love. For love is neverending, fluid, and being passed between all whose hearts remain open. It couldn’t possibly cease to exist again if we have felt it once and then lost it.

This seems to be the antithesis of great love.

Perhaps the whole concept of love in it’s rawest form, is indeed the exact opposite of the idea that we can only have one true love within this lifetime.

The idea of us all only getting one shot at love fractures the idea that love is a concentric, perpetual and never-ending constant in a world that is spinning forward. It attempts to lessen the powerful love that we have already felt, and does nothing to propel the love that is waiting to move forward. Our next love being richer and more powerful, because of the love that is already within us.

Love is God, and God is Love. There is no ending and there is no beginning.

For once love forms, it never ends. We may have lost it within our tangible reality, but it is still here, the energy of that commitment continuing all around us, even after it is seemingly gone.

So, within the realization that the love that once was, always is and always will be, we see that love is everywhere, in all different forms, waiting to come to life in a different form, adding to the energy that we are leaving behind, to fill the world, long after our existence.

True love is a steadfast energy that permeates forever, and we get to allow as many great loves into our lives that we are willing to accept.

We can share this love multiple times within our lives. We can call upon this love when we are ready. We can look into the eyes of the person standing in front of us, in God’s perfect timing, and know without a doubt, regardless of our pasts, that true love may be hidden within the connection that lies ahead, if our hearts remain open and mature enough to embrace the past.

The person standing in front of us reminds us that in all things, the power of loving deliberately is the way in which intentionality creates beautiful connection.

We can change the world with the powerful chapters of love.

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