Doctor, Lawyer or Contractor? Try These Lead Gen Websites to Boost Your Bottom Line

It may seem strange for a lawyer, doctor or contractor to need help boosting the number of individuals they serve. Doesn't the very existence of humans preclude a dip in demand? Shouldn't this be enough to satisfy their respective practices' financial needs? Unfortunately, no. As the marketplace grows and competition increases, it can be easy for you to get lost in the crowd. To add insult to injury: While the majority of doctors, contractors and attorneys will tell you they love their jobs, they hate some of the other aspects of managing a firm, like finding new clients to get their finances in shape. However, in recent years,marketing for firms and practices has become a little bit easier - and much more financially rewarding - with the help of specialized lead generation marketing websites.

There are now a variety of businesses and websites that offer an array of lead generation-focused marketing services to make sure the phone keeps ringing and your bank account remains healthy. Some of these services charge a monthly retainer, others work on a per lead basis, and some are completely free, generating revenue through advertising, among other mediums. As more specialized lead generation marketing solutions continue to pop up online, it is worth your practice's or firm's time to check out how these services can you give your business a fiscal boost.

Here's our roundup of the top lead generation marketing websites for you to consider in 2016.

Are you a doctor?

Doctors entering the job market post-med school are benefitting from what's called a "seller's market." With baby boomers entering their more rickety years (sorry, everyone!) and more individuals having access to health insurance (many for the first time), demand is up, especially for family physicians. And doctors and their practices can reap the financial benefits -if they spend a modicum amount of time making sure patients, well, know they exist. Fortunately, the Internet offers manifold options.

ZocDoc is one of the top lead generation websites for connecting doctors with potential patients, as well as improving patient attendance (with ZocDoc reminders) and rebooking. The site can doctors help attract the best patients for their practice by listing doctor specialties, insurance details and availability on your hosted profile. Plus, ZocDoc is a top result when people search for doctors online. In fact, 120 million doctor searches put ZocDoc in the top results - think, first page on Google. Believe us, this won't just boost visibility; it will also boost the bottom line.

Are you a lawyer?

Give this site dedicated to helping lawyers boost their client list some consideration. Focused solely on employment law, it seeks to connect both individuals who feel they have been unjustly terminated as well as employers facing lawsuits from current or former employees with highly qualified employment attorneys. Attorneys will be able to join the GotFired network, receive a profile, gain word-of-mouth buzz through client reviews, write for the GotFired legal blog and access help developing their web presence. GotFired has many exciting ideas planned for 2016, so if you're an employment attorney, put this site on you watch-list if you want help in aggressively expanding your client base in 2016.

Are you a contractor?

As the economy continues to improve, property owners -- be they business or home -- are willing to invest more in improvements and renovations. For contractors, this opens up much needed opportunity. Still, it can be difficult to connect with new clients, especially as so much new business for contractors seems to rely on word-of-mouth.

Fortunately, the website HomeAdvisor offers contractors another way to attract new customers. Used by over 30 million homeowners, with more than 5 million online reviews, HomeAdvisor can help pre-screened contractors find new clients in their community, improve their reputation and pad their coffers. On any given morning, thousands of consumers have already submitted requests. With HomeAdvisor, contractors will receive a LiveDirectory profile, which features verified ratings and reviews, licenses, pictures of past projects and mores. Additionally, contractors can opt for ProLeads, Pro-on-the-Go mobile app and a custom web or mobile site. The goal? Connecting contractors with the customers they need to bulk up business and block out your schedule.

Online marketing may not be your thing, but with the internet being everyone's favorite search tool, investing in such strategies can be one of best decisions you've made for your firm or practices finances.