Does Fitzmas Come in May This Year?

Jason Leopold reports that Karl Rove has been indicted and was told about it, and that the official announcement will come soon, probably this week. (Leopold had previously reported that Rove had told Joshua Bolten that he was going to be indicted.) Rove's spokesman denies it.

Leopold's account, posted on Truthout, is highly circumstantial. He claims to have had "more than two" sources, some of them in the White House. In a radio interiew, Leopold threatened to reveal his sources if what they told him wasn't true,

No mainstream media outlet has picked up Leopold's story, except that the NY Sun mentioned it in running Rove's denial.

I can't figure out who would have told Leopold (and not told any other reporter) or why. I can't figure out why, if it were true, Rove wouldn't have quit or Bolten, on behalf of Bush, wouldn't have shown him the door.

But that's no reason not to speculate. It would be irresponsible not to.

And in this case there's an easy means of (as the software folks say) disambiguation. Leopold reports a fifteen-hour meeting between Fitzgerald and Rove's lawyers in Washington on Friday. Rove's spokesman denies that Fitzgerald was even in Washington on Friday. Fitzgerald isn't going to confirm or deny the indictment story, but he can tell us where he spent the day.