Dole Says Nuclear Option Is a 'Last Resort'

Jonathan Singer: Senator Dole, thank you so much for joining me today. You have a new book out called One Soldier’s Story that details your recovery after being severely wounded in World War II. Your generation fought together, you had a generational struggle, so that when you went to Congress and you served with people like Dan Inouye across the aisle with whom you did not always agree, and even someone like Mark Hatfield on your side of the aisle with whom you didn’t always agree. You had a real connection, a shared history. This generation, my generation doesn’t have that same struggle. We haven’t come together. What do you think can be done to bring us together so we have that common experience?

Bob Dole: In our case it was a calamity. The whole liberty, freedom, etc. was threatened with Hitler, and if it hadn’t been for the Brits hanging on as long as they could… We got in to the war very late, as you know.

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