Donatella Versace Age: Fashion Designer Turns 57 Today! (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: Happy Birthday, Donatella!

Happy birthday, Donatella Versace!

The Versace empress turns 57 today, reminding us of her long and sometimes challenging journey from her Italian teen years to dressing some of Hollywood's biggest stars.

Currently the vice president of the Versace group, Donatella served as her brother Gianni Versace's press rep for years while he got his now-iconic fashion line off the ground. After Gianni's tragic death in 1997, Donatella took over much of the company's operations... and later confessed that all the while she was battling a cocaine habit.

Now Donatella's 25-year-old daughter Allegra is also a co-owner in the company, boasting whopping 50% of Versace's stock assets and a $700 million (!) inheritance from her uncle.

With her daughter by her side and a triumphant return to the couture runway in the works, things have been looking up for Donatella for a while. After all, once you've got your own signature "SNL" impression, what could be bad?

In honor of Donatella and her 57th birthday, let's take a look back at her (always evolving, constantly blonde) beauty evolution over the years.

September 1990

Donatella Versace's Beauty Evolution

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