Dr. Bradley Nelson: Making Energy Healing Simple for Everyone

Dr. Bradley Nelson: Making Energy Healing Simple for Everyone
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Dr. Bradley Nelson, author of The Emotion Code, has been helping people discover the power of energy healing.

Dr. Bradley Nelson, author of The Emotion Code, has been helping people discover the power of energy healing.


Dr. Bradley Nelson, a retired chiropractor from St. George, Utah is helping people learn the art of natural healing one day at a time. With a history of natural healing and an understanding of the human body, Dr. Nelson has combined his medical knowledge with the art of healing to help people learn how to be a natural healer in his self-taught energy healing course, The Emotion Code.

Tell us about your background and how you got started in natural healing.

When I look back on my life, it seems to me that all the experiences I have had have combined together to enable me to bring the message of The Emotion Code to the world.

When I was 13 years old, I was diagnosed with kidney disease. At the hospital, the doctors told my parents and me that there was no treatment for what I had. They told me to be careful, not to run or play too hard, because it could be dangerous.

I remember thinking that they didn't really need to tell me that, because just walking would sometimes create pain in my back that would make me feel like I had been stabbed with a knife. Since this disease was potentially fatal, and since there was no medical treatment for it, my parents decided to try an alternative. They took me to see a couple of alternative doctors who practiced and lived in a trailer house situated in the middle of a field on the outskirts of town.

Within a couple of weeks after starting their treatments, I felt much better. The pain that I had been experiencing was much less frequent, and much less severe.

After about a month, I had just about forgotten that I was ever sick. My parents took me back to the clinic, where they ran the tests on me again. The tests were all negative, and as I recall, that was the first time I ever heard the phrase “spontaneous remission.” I knew in my heart that what my "alternative doctors" had done had worked, and I decided to become a doctor when I grew up. Not a mainstream medical doctor, but an ‘alternative’ doctor like the doctors that had healed me, if I had to practice in a trailer house in the middle of a muddy field on the edge of town, that was okay with me.

But as the years went on, my dream of being a healer started to fade a bit. I was introduced to computer programming in college and I loved it. I loved business, and decided that I wouldn't go into the healing arts after all. Instead, I was going to become a businessman.

When I was about 6 months away from starting the MBA program at Brigham Young University, my wife Jean and I went home to Montana for Christmas. As we were sitting with my mother and father in their living room, my father suddenly asked me, “Are you sure you don't want to go to chiropractic school? You've always wanted to do that, and it seems like a really great career.” I replied that, “No, I've decided to get my MBA.” He said “Well, why don't you think about it one more time?” I thought about it for a moment, and told him that I would.

Later that evening, Jean and I drew up a pro and con list. On one side was chiropractic, and on the other side was the MBA and the business world. The list was a little longer on the chiropractic side, but I still wasn't convinced. Honestly, I was not absolutely sure what I wanted to do. I had thought that my mind was made up, but now I felt like I was being torn between 2 exciting futures.

When Jean and I got married, we made an agreement that we would never make any momentous decisions without praying about it to see if it was right. This was definitely one of those momentous decisions. So, that night found me on my knees. I essentially said, “Father in Heaven, if it makes any difference to you, please help me to know what direction to go. I will go either way.”

I was awakened in the middle of the night with my mind full of thoughts about healing, and how wonderful it is to be able to serve other people in a natural way. I remember thinking, “Well yes, that's true, but this other direction is good, too…."

It was a long night that night. I woke up 3 times, and each time my mind was full of warm feelings about going into the healing arts. Somehow, I still wasn’t sure.

The next night found me on my knees once again, asking God for guidance. And this was a night that I will never forget if I live to be 1 million years old. This night, like the night before, I was awakened 3 times. And each time I was awakened, my mind was filled with the same thoughts as the night before. But somehow these feelings became progressively stronger and more powerful each time I was awakened.

The 3rd time that I woke up my mind was overflowing with thoughts of service to mankind and humanity. It's impossible for me to describe what this experience was really like, but these feelings were absolutely overwhelming. As I was feeling and thinking those thoughts about service through healing and helping the world and all of humanity, a voice suddenly spoke to me of the divine nature of healing and of the importance of what I was embarking upon.

I had my answer and I have never regretted my decision to heed that call.

I've reflected on this experience many times since then. I believe that because the human body is actually a sacred "temple" for our spirit to inhabit, that any time we are working to help that body function better, we are doing a sacred thing. If we are sewing up an injury, if we are helping someone who is disabled, if we are healing someone who is in need of healing, we are doing a sacred work.

What led you to start practicing energy healing in your chiropractic clinic?

Well, the reason I began to explore energy medicine was simply that I was bound and determined to find out what was really causing my patient's symptoms, and I was open to anything at all that might help. I practiced as a holistic chiropractic physician for 17 years. Having learned in my younger years that it’s possible to get help from above, I made a habit during those years to ask a silent prayer for help from God for each person that I worked on. During those years, I learned bit by bit, patient by patient, case-by-case about the true underlying causes of our illnesses. During the last 10 years that I was in practice I was working primarily with people who would been told there was no cure for them. These were people who had been given upon by the Western medical establishment, people who were suffering from things like fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, autoimmune diseases, and even cancer. There were times during those years when, in response to my silent prayer for help, information would flood into my mind about exactly what a person needed and what approach I should take. Sometimes this was a completely different way of looking at things than what I had ever imagined before. It was during these years that I gained the understanding of how our imbalances, and in particular emotional baggage, is a real thing that affects all of us in many dramatic ways.

When did you discover healing by proxy?

I never actually discovered it, but I never learned it from anyone else, either. It was a strange thing, but somehow the knowledge of how to work on a patient at a distance was just there within me the first time I needed it. Occasionally a patient of mine would call me when they were on vacation or travelling and they would need my help. I just knew how to connect with them, and it always worked out that I was able to help them through muscle testing, no matter how far away they were. It was a wonderful thing for me to be able to help them, wherever they were. I felt impressed that this understanding needed to be included in The Emotion Code when it was published in 2007, and we now have many thousands of people around the world who are helping their loved ones, friends and clients who are far away, and getting wonderful results.

When did you decide you wanted to share this information with the world?

During the years I was in practice I developed a very powerful feeling that people could do a lot to help themselves. I had a deep, driving urge to empower people. I begin teaching seminars to do just that in 1998 and taught as many seminars to as many people as I could around the US and Canada for many years. But I was wearing myself out. I was working in my practice 60 hours a week and then flying off on weekends teaching seminars, and my family was suffering because of it.

In 2002 I felt very impressed that I needed to turn my practice over to someone else, and sell everything I owned. It had become clear to me that these healing methods that I developed were not just for me and my patients and the handful of seminar attendees that came to hear me speak. They were for the whole world.

I left practice in 2004, and in June of 2007 I published The Emotion Code: How to Release Your Trapped Emotions for Abundant Health, Love and Happiness. The success of The Emotion Code has been astonishing to me. It taught me how very powerful the written word is. There are people on every continent and in nearly every country on earth who are using The Emotion Code to get rid of their own emotional baggage, and the best part is that they are helping their loved ones to do the same.

I've been all over the world teaching The Emotion Code Seminar, from Australia to Germany, from Toronto to Auckland, from Seattle to New York City, from Dublin to Amsterdam, and it's really been a wonderful adventure. While I would love to take the credit for this amazing information, I will never do that. I believe that I could not have done this without help from above. My calling is to bring The Emotion Code to the world and to give you back the healing birthright that belongs to every man, woman and child on this planet.

Do you have a miraculous healing story you’d like to share?

I get emails from people, all the time, whose lives are changing, who are falling in love as they get rid of the walls around their hearts, who are getting rid of their anxiety, their debilitating panic attacks, phobias, depression, their annoying discomfort and miserable pain. People are falling in love who never thought they would, people are learning that there is a purpose to their lives, that life is special and sacred, and that they can be, and have, and do more with their lives. People are regaining their health naturally, reconnecting with their Higher Power, and living better, happier, and more fulfilled lives.

We have, at the time of this writing, over 3,700 Emotion Code Practitioners in 65 countries around the world.There are many personal stories I could share with you, but instead, I will let you hear the stories that one of these practitioners shared with us.

“Some time ago I released the heart-wall and a few more trapped emotions by proxy from a five year old unhappy boy who had been giving a hard time to his parents and siblings with his stubborn and aggressive behavior. Part of those emotions had occurred when his twin died in his mother’s womb while he survived. After a few EC sessions his behavioral problems vanished, and within days, his family was happy again, and he was a very happy boy. A few months later I talked to his father again. He recounted that in a peaceful and quiet father-son moment his five year old son had said to him: "I love Jesus. He gave me a new heart. It´s great to have a new heart." This little boy had not known anything consciously about the Emotion Code sessions or his heart-wall or anything we had done for him by proxy!”

I chose this story at random, and then saw that it was shared with us by Susanne Hufnagel, MD, a German medical doctor who felt impressed to translate The Emotion Code into German after a seminar I taught in Dublin, Ireland in 2008, and who now teaches Emotion Code Seminars in Germany.

What do you see happening in the future of medicine?

To eliminate any kind of problem that has to do with your health or well-being, the underlying causes of the problem must be addressed. There are many powerful drugs that can temporarily relieve the symptoms of disease. But when the drug wears off, the symptoms often return, because the underlying causes of the disease have not been dealt with.

It’s vital to understand that symptoms are no more than the body attempting to communicate that it has imbalances within that need to be addressed. The fastest and most efficient, and indeed, often the only way of discovering these imbalances is by communicating with the subconscious mind, where all the answers reside. This is precisely what The Emotion Code and The Body Code do so well.

We are now on the threshold of a breathtaking new era, where the best of Western medicine and the best of alternative medicine may be combined to the benefit of all mankind!

To learn more about Dr. Bradley Nelson and energy healing, visit www.healerslibrary.com.

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