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The Whole Country Loves Beer, But The South Is Sweet On Liquor

The drinking preferences of Americans, as told by Twitter.

Twitter can tell us a lot about the world. It'll alert you to breaking news, has been credited with creating potential for real social change and it lets the world know what everybody is drinking.

Project Know took a look at Twitter for this specific reason and polled some interesting data about the way the country drinks (and tweets). They analyzed just under half a million tweets to discover that the whole tweeting country loves beer -- except for the South, which is sweet on liquor. Or, at least tweeting about it.

Their survey also revealed some other interesting data, like the fact that D.C. really likes to tweet about drinking beer, wine AND liquor -- more than any other part of the country. But surprisingly the District of Columbia is not the one to take home the crown for the most drunken tweets -- determined by the use of the hashtag #drunk -- that honor goes to the fine state of New Jersey.

Check out the infographic below for more insight on how the country drinks, as revealed by their tweets.

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