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Beauty Street Style: Amber Genuske, Video Editor, Shampoos Once A Week, Has Amazing Hair

No, really.

We've often deliberated over the merits of the no shampoo method, though some of us just can't go the distance. But one of our favorite success stories is from Amber, who works as an associate video producer here with us at The Huffington Post. Once on a trip to Kosovo, she didn't shampoo for five weeks and came back with amazingly healthy hair. (Chew on that for a second.)

Back home, she then adopted a more spaced-out shampoo routine: "I don't wash my hair more than once a week and it's been one week today, so I'll be washing it tomorrow after I go running. If it's kinked or creased between washes, I'll put water in my hair, but otherwise just baby powder to soak up the oil. I focus the baby powder on my scalp -- along my hairline, wherever my part is and on the crown of my head. I take a hairbrush and rustle my hair until you can't see the baby powder anymore." And as for her ridiculously long, healthy hair, she feels that "water itself is already so hard on your hair and skin. I've found that not washing my hair keeps it healthier and I don't have to cut it as often -- really it's just more convenient. I use a lot less shampoo and conditioner, and it saves a lot of time! When I do wash my hair, I only put shampoo at the top on my head and let the suds rinse down the rest of it. Then, I put lots of conditioner on only the last few inches of my hair -- not much happens in the middle."

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Photo/Art: Raydene Salinas

Beauty Street Style

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