How To Stay Social While Cutting Out Alcohol For 'Drynuary'

How To Stay Social While Observing Sober January

Whether it's beers with the boys or cosmos with the girls, "drinks" have become an American pastime, a way for people to get together and celebrate good times. But it can also create bad times, including hangovers and unwanted weight gain. For that reason, some have adopted "Drynuary," eliminating alcohol for the entire month of January.

Julie Lerner, CEO of PanXchange and a Drynuary participant herself, explained to HuffPost Live's Alyona Minkovski on Thursday how she ensures she doesn't lose out while cutting out cocktails.

"New Year's Day, I went skiing and really wanted that après ski drink," she recalled. "I had the best virgin mary I had ever had. My friend joined me. The bartender was a little snippy and disappointed, but no one else seemed to care."

Andria Trivisonno, director of partnerships at Tackk, is taking a second stab at Drynuary this year after she realized how much she enjoyed discovering new activities in January of 2014.

"[It was] a month of exploring our city, going to places we normally otherwise wouldn't, maybe explore instead of going to the restaurant or bar," she described. "It was fun."

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