Dude Named 'Gambles' Wins Lottery Twice With Same Numbers


This guy's got more than just one stroke of luck. 

A man who happens to be named Larry Gambles, recently won the $1.3 million Lucky Day Lotto in Illinois. What's more, this is the 65-year-old's second time winning and he even used the same exact numbers he did the first time around. 

"I can’t believe they paid off again!” Gambles said of his special numbers in a press release. 

According to the statement, Gambles has continued playing those numbers ever since he won big. 

“Nine years ago, I won $50,000 playing the numbers from the jerseys of my high school basketball team," he explained in the release. "I’ve been playing the same numbers ever since."

When he went back to the Harvey’s Corner BP, where he bought the ticket, and saw that his tactic actually came to fruition, his family was understandably shocked. 

The two-time lottery winner has some sweet plans for the money, which involve sharing the winnings with friends and family. 

Gambles isn't the only one who's reaping the benefits of those lucky numbers, either. Harvey's received a $10,500 bonus for selling the winning ticket. 

With two wins under his belt, Gambles has some advice for those looking to experience a little success with the lottery. 

“Pick your favorite numbers and stick with them," he said in the release. "It worked for me!”



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