DVDs Smell Like Domino's Pizza For New Marketing Campaign (VIDEO)

WATCH: Now Your DVDs Can Smell Like Pizza

Chances are, if you're having a movie night, there could be pizza involved. But that means an actual edible pizza -- not a DVD that happens to smell like one.

Domino's Brazil has teamed up with 10 video rental stores to create DVDs with a heady pizza scent, all thanks to thermal ink. When the DVD is finished, an image of a pizza appears on it. Laura Stampler of Business Insider explains:

As soon as the disks get hot when played, they start to smell like Domino's. After the DVD is ejected, special thermal ink has turned the disk into a mini pizza that reads: "Did you enjoy the movie? The next one will be even better with a hot and delicious Domino's Pizza."

The pizza chain has targeted specific movies, including Argo, The Dark Night Rises and Skyfall for this smell-o-vision-esque promotion.

Here's a video about the project:

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