EagleMed Crash Prompts Investigation Into Medical Transport Company's Safety Record (VIDEO)

The accreditation of EagleMed has been put on hold after one of its helicopters crashed this week, killing one and injuring three. Reports say the tragedy was the Kansas-based air medical transport service company's third helicopter crash in Oklahoma since 2010.

According to CBS affiliate KWCH.com, an EagleMed helicopter crashed near the Choctaw Nation Health Care Center in Talihina shortly after takeoff on Tuesday night. Michael David Wilson, the 49-year-old patient on board the medical helicopter, was killed.

An investigation into both the crash and EagleMed's safety record are now underway.

The Associated Press reports that the nonprofit Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems has suspended the company's accreditation while the investigation is conducted. Eileen Frazer, executive director of the commission, said her agency "will be looking for trends."

"An FAA spokesman says the agency is checking to see if there will be any change in EagleMed status," the AP also reported.

According to CBS affiliate KXII.com, an EagleMed helicopter last crashed in February in Oklahoma City, killing two. In 2010, another crash resulted in the death of the EagleMed chopper's pilot and a nurse.