Easy Tips To Help Keep Your Home Safe From Burglars

After we read this post on SFGate about a burglar who broke into a home after convincing the victim he needed to retrieve a baseball that had accidentally landed in his backyard, we were shocked at how easily people could be duped into granting complete strangers access into their homes. In another incident, burglars convinced a babysitter in Columbus, OH that they were police officers in order to gain entry and steal from the home.

These stories have us wondering just how safe our own homes are. Clearly, burglars can get creative if they want to enter your home badly enough. With a few precautions and some common sense, you may be able to avoid being tricked, but what about when you aren't home? Or what if the burglar forcibly enters, or becomes violent? We came up with a list of the many ways you can help protect your home from theft. Check out our slideshow below.

Tips To Prevent Home Burglaries