Ecko Offers 20 Percent Off For Life For Anyone Who Gets Tattoo Of Its Logo (PHOTO)

Would You Get A Tattoo Of This Logo For 20 Percent Off For Life?

We keep waiting for this to be a dubbed an April Fool's Day joke, but we're four days in with no signs of letting up.

Ecko Unlimited, purveyors of t-shirts, denim, track jackets, polos, sneakers and more; best-known for its ad campaigns featuring Lindsay Lohan and Vanessa Hudgens, is offering a 20 percent discount off its wares for life to anyone who gets a tattoo of the label's rhino or shears logo.

Hold that tat machine...only 20 percent?

Lesson to be learned here: even if you go so far as to literally brand yourself, you'll spend the rest of your days buying $29.50 hoodies for $23.60 to cover up that bad decision on your arm.

But do let us know if you go through with it.

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