Edwin Tobergta Allegedly Has Sexy Time With A Pool Raft - AGAIN

When Edwin Tobergta got out of jail for having sex with a pool raft, he was pumped.

So was the pool raft, apparently, because Tobergta was arrested again for having sex with the same pool raft.

Tobergta's wet and wild trysts first made a splash in 2011 when the then-32-year-old was caught getting freaky with his neighbor's pink, inflatable raft in an Ohio alleyway. The neighbor called police to report that Tobergta was on top of the floatational device with his pants "down around his ankles." The suspect fled -- with the raft -- and was arrested a short time later.

Today, Tobergta was indicted by a Butler County grand jury after a child witnessed him last month stepping out his back door, naked, then having "sexual relations with a rubber pool float," police told WHIO. The same "rubber pool float" he'd de-felated in 2011.

He's been arrested at least five times in the past for similar offenses, including a July 2008 conviction for felony public indecency.

Tobergta also made our recent list of men caught during sex with inanimate objects, which you can read here.

His arraignment is scheduled for July 23.



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