Elisabeth Hasselbeck Disowns "Ignoramus" Joe The Plumber Over "Queers" Comment (VIDEO)

Elisabeth Hasselbeck disowned "Joe The Plumber" Thursday morning on "The View."

Hasselbeck, who campaigned on the trail with Sarah Palin in October, took Joe the Plumber to task for his recent comments that "queers" aren't welcome around his children.

"I think this is an ignoramus statement," Hasselbeck said. "In that specified corner to which he had a life during this election, I was even a person who thought, you know what, power to Joe the Plumber at that point. Well, Joe the Plumber is not invited anywhere around me. "

Joy Behar promptly screamed, "Turning! Turning! Turning!" implying that Hasselbeck, a stalwart Republican, was turning into a Democrat.