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How To Get That $1,000 Embroidered Dress You've Been Seeing For Under $100

We got you.

So you saw embroidered dresses everywhere last summer, decided to hold off and now realize they are still a huge trend, so you want one? Us too.

Ukrainian embroidered dresses are very popular, and if you're thinking of investing in one, doing your research is key because they often carry massive price tags.

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Vyshyvanka, the colloquial term for Ukrainian embroidered shirts, have blown up in the past few months (in large part due to designers like Vita Kin and fashion bloggers like Leandra Medine). But these dresses can set you back upwards of a thousand dollars ... ouch.

But if you want to get a similar look, you're in luck, because many fast-fashion stores are creating dresses with pretty embroidery. We've rounded up several options that all ring in under $100, so you'll still be able to afford food this month.

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